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Tony – A Citizen’s Heart in Action

Tony – A Citizen’s Heart in Action

I would love to offer a story to complement the heady ideas we awaken to when we read quotations about a “greater democracy” and when we search for language to try and explain it or to have conversations about this new evolution for humanity.

This story taught me that even without having words to understand spiritual democracy we can see it in action if we look. Yesterday my daughter and I simply did an errand to the shoe and luggage repairman in town. A week earlier I had brought in her winter boots which he described as “tire blow outs.”

As we entered the tiny shop, to the left was a jumble of broken luggage – all around shoes akimbo – were piled high in various states of disrepair, worn-outness and … renewal. It was one of those shops that’s disappearing in America – a good and messy shoe repair place. It was a busy Saturday morning. Tony, the proprietor was present – beaming warmly. As he handled our order, with a little banter of conversation and a caring demeanor he looked at us and offered, ”you’ve done a good job raising a fine daughter and she can be a guide and helper to you.”  An unexpressed “higher self” in Katie and me woke up. I wasn’t a Mom just wondering vaguely how my life would intersect with hers as she made her way in graduate school, Katie wasn’t a young adult vaguely wondering how she might be called in to care for me someday. This little remark shifted our consciousness. We felt uplifted. We weren’t exactly sure how this shift happened in us - the vibration of Tony’s generous spirit? his warmth? the insightful comment? Katie said, “I’m always coming back here.”

I reflected a little. Here is Tony, like the shoe cobbler archetype from fairy tales, giving humble service to “journeyers” every day. He mends things people need for their journey – shoes and suitcases. While doing that, he offers deeper, greater things too. He works with a peaceful, giving spirit and an honest joy. When we are with him, we are changed. His heart-gift touches us and lifts us to a better place, a higher “see level” so to speak.

Yes, Tony is a change agent for spiritual democracy without proclaiming it. He has a quality of personhood and a deep human spirit that he brings to his daily role as a citizen.

As we reach for how to further the high ideals of a greater democracy – let’s be on the look out for people you know, who, like Tony are living it right now. If we share stories about them we may help our dear friend, spiritual democracy, rise up from our hearts and be known. Our intellect will then happily craft the words that will flow from our knowing hearts.

Please do send blogs of people you see as change agents or culture shifters - either well known or not known at all. Let’s share stories and this wealth of information.


My First Date with Spiritual Democracy

Dear friends,


You might say that the book, A Greater Democracy Day by Day, was my ”first date” with spiritual democracy. Even though we (me and this amazing idea) had been mutually attracted for many years, doing that book was the first time we stepped out together to begin to help bridge two seemingly disparate worlds. We agreed that ’democracy’ was more than a system of government and that ‘spirituality’ was more than an expression of religious beliefs but we were still very shy and overwhelmed by the extraordinary shift that might happen when these two words came together and were embodied. All we could do was to collect quotations from a range of sacred and secular perspectives and allow people to make inferences of connection for themselves. Neither my friend, spiritual democracy, nor I felt ready to step out in public and explain ourselves.


But now in March 2009, something big is happening.  The USA has taken a leap forward. The economic crisis and upheaval is bearing down, a political force of goodness exemplified by President Obama as president is unleashed, and citizens in huge numbers are organizing themselves for positive social change. With this kind of excitement beckoning, spiritual democracy and I are venturing out.


We’ve been getting to know each other by asking questions and having awkward conversations.


S: “So, tell me more about yourself, spiritual democracy?  I’m drawn to you like a magnet, but I don’t really understand you and what you offer that’s special.”


SD: “There is much to explain but let’s just start here: The word, ‘spiritual’, used to be understood primarily in relationship with religious beliefs and practices. People who practiced their religions were considered ’spiritual.’  – As time went on ‘spiritual’ expanded in meaning to refer to a personal relationship with a higher power. This higher power was called by many names and pointed to something more – something greater than humankind.  During this time individual and personal spiritual beliefs and practices were nurtured.  The word ‘spiritual’ broke away from a strictly religious context and entered into the private domain of individual people. The phrase, “I’m spiritual but not religious” emerged. As the 21st century approached, spiritual expressions and interests flourished in the secular domain. Books like, The Soul of of Money, Sacred America, Spirituality and Politics hit the market. Topics like spirituality in the workplace, spiritual citizenship, and spiritual education gained attention.  Now the word ‘spiritual’ can be placed in front of the word ‘democracy’ without causing too much of a ruckus and people seem open to the idea, but the depth of my meaning is still to be discovered. Like other new ideas, words of explanation may lag behind the experience.


S: How can we begin to penetrate your meaning?  


SD: Well, we may have to play with several ideas and definitions for awhile. You and I and most everyone else are working this out together. Let’s start with these ideas:


I, spiritual democracy, am the process of life embodied by people day by day to make a better world. As people do this their essential unity – sense of oneness - is awakened.


I am people acting from their truest or highest nature for the benefit of all life.


I am the invitation wherein every person is called out to act for the common good.


I am, in fact, a divine flow of energy that courses within the soul of every person. As they open to their unique soul power and act out the unique purpose of their lives, they participate in and create spiritual democracy. 


I am a lively context that encourages participation for the common good. Not a noble idea that sits on a pedestal.


SM: I have an idea to help us make meaning for ourselves. Let’s ask the readers of this blog to answer a few questions and see where the conversation leads…


1. What experiences, events, signs, actions in the last 50 years point to an emergence of spiritual democracy? What signs of support for its emergence do you see in the world now?



2. Pretend its 2099 and the Planet earth in known throughout the cosmos as a beacon of spiritual democracy in action. What do you see? What is happening? How are needs met? What is governance like? What are popular livelihoods? Picture yourself there, what are you doing?



S: Please join in and offer your responses to these questions. Thanks!

SD: Yes, thank you!