A Greater Democracy Day by Day - By Sally Mahe

About Sally Mahé and Kathy Covert

Sally MaheSally Mahé is Director of Organizational Development with the United Religions Initiative, an international interfaith organization. In that role, Sally helps lead URI from vision to practice, travels widely, and helps lead cross-cultural interfaith assemblies. She is co-author of Birth of a Global Community: Appreciative Inquiry in Action, 2003; and, A Greater Democracy Day by Day, 2004.  Sally holds an M. Ed from Harvard and a MA in Theology from General Episcopal Seminary. Prior to serving as staff for URI, Sally developed a nationally recognized curriculum in the basic principles of democracy, Law in Action Series, 1980 and created community education programs, “Spirit of Place” and “Educating for Democracy.”

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Kathy Covert"This book is Sally' s idea. She invited me to join her on this project - in part because in a brief  biographical sketch I described myself as a "citizen".  And as a citizen, wife, daughter, and friend how could I say anything but "yes!" when invited to re-introduce the provocative proposition of democracy to my  fellow Americans?

Our deepest desire is for readers everyhwere to rediscover the power of the provocative proposition that we are all created equal and all deserve to share the bounty of this Earth."

Kathy Covert


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